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Love of Nature!

April 26, 2021

Love of Nature! - Zulasurfing Studios

Love of Nature, Octopus!

Did you know that an octopus has three hearts and blue blood? This is one of the many facts that make the octopus, and other sea creatures so mesmerizing to us. Every time we learn something new about a sea creature, we are amazed by the intricacies of their design. The details, textures, and complexities of nature are what inspire our jewelry. 

It was at a sushi restaurant that I rescued an octopus tentacle with the intention to turn it into something beautiful.

I became obsessed with the details and textures of the octopus tentacle. I was eager to find a way to preserve the natural beauty of the tentacle by incorporating it into wearable art. I designed the rings by creating a wax model—it took a long time to make the first acceptable model. Now, our Octopus Tentacle Rings are being worn by people around the world! 

The Tentacle Rings are handmade and are cast in New York City.  They are polished and antiqued to bring out the beautiful detail of the suction cups. The rings are solid, rather than hollow, making them incredibly comfortable and high quality.  A ring can be personalized using sterling silver, gold, or  any other metal one desires with the option to add your choice of stones.   The rings can be worn as an engagement ring, or as piece of artwork. 

Wearing an Octopus Tentacle Ring is not just an accessory, it is a statement. It recognizes the beauty that can be found in our oceans, and it is a way to raise awareness that we need to do our best to protect our planet.

 Each purchase is an investment in art and an investment in precious metals/stones.

Zulasurfing strives to make unique and beautiful pieces of wearable art, inspired by different elements such as nature, and inspirations we get from everyday items and individuals we come across.