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About Us


Zulasurfing Jewelry Line is an exceptional blend of two designer's sensibilities folded into one uniquely beautiful collection.

Irena and Gil Tsafrir's meeting (and eventual marriage) of the minds came about over a mutual love of jewelry and its creation.

With a collegiate background in psychology and sociology but forever dreaming of a crafts-oriented career, Irena, self-taught at metal-smithing technique, was working in a jewelry accessories store, when the surf-loving Gil entered the shop and her life.

Combining their creative visions was a natural progression as Irena's native Eastern-European, and Gil's sensibilities combined flawlessly to birth Zulasurfing. The company's emblem, symbolized by the North Shore waves of Gil's beloved Maui Hawaii, "the ultimate way of life" he muses - united with the arrival of their three golden children, Shai,  Matias and Mia - are the line's primary artistic inspirations.

Working together to further enhance their basic knowledge-bases of glass and metalwork techniques, the pair began the process of learning different specialties to create a diverse array of truly exceptional pieces by mastering wax carving, metal-smithing, wire-wrapping, stringing and more.

The current Zulasurfing line includes a truly stand-out collection of conversation-inducing pieces, such as giant eye-catching glass rings that sparkle like the Mediterranean waters, glinting gold "ohm" pendants, exquisite raw stone rings, distinctive symbolic beach-jewelry-all-grown-up dichroic glass and metal pendants, as well as many other stunning and novel creations from the innovative mind-meld that is Zulasurfing.

Zulasurfing now enters an exciting new phase of its ever-evolving artistry, taking the jewelry art form to the next level and going high-end with the divine use of gold and other expensive and precious materials, rendering a truly head-turning collection that is a rare sight to behold in any corner of the globe. Come and immerse yourself in the world of Zulasurfing's inspired sparking vision.

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We proudly design and manufacture our products in the U.S.A.  

Our customers have come to expect the utmost quality from USA and we maintain this reputation by diligently constructing our products at our studio. While many other stores have imported from china or moved their manufacturing operations overseas, we will not compromise on our promise to make our products ourselves. Look for our “Made in the U.S.A.” icon - we are proud of it.