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17 Years of Faith: Our Classic Cross Gets a Divine Upgrade

June 09, 2024

17 Years of Faith: Our Classic Cross Gets a Divine Upgrade


For 17 years, we've listened to your feedback and perfected our classic cross design, inspired by the rich heritage of the Mediterranean. Now, we're thrilled to unveil a stunning new element that elevates this beloved symbol.

We're pioneering a revolutionary technique, seamlessly blending 3D printing with the timeless elegance of cast sterling silver and gold. The result? A cross unlike any you've seen before – a beautiful expression of faith ready to surprise the market.

The Enduring Power of the Cross

The cross transcends simple decoration. It's a powerful symbol with a deep history, most commonly recognized as representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It also embodies concepts like sacrifice, unwavering faith, and triumph over death. For Christians, wearing a cross necklace serves as a personal connection to these core beliefs.

A Symbol Steeped in Tradition

The meaning of the cross can vary slightly depending on the Christian denomination. Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox traditions all have their own artistic interpretations of the cross, reflected in the styles of jewelry you might find.

What this means for you: We understand the significance of the cross, and we're committed to offering a beautiful and meaningful piece that reflects your faith. Stay tuned for the reveal of our stunning new design!