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Darth vader helmet necklace silver color fused glass handmade in usa

The Darth Vader Necklace Half Helmet design is a perfect way for Star Wars fans to accessorize elegantly and understatedly. Our latest offering includes a matching left and right half of the helmet, making it an ideal gift for couples or friends. Our talented craftsmen in Florida studios have used silver color dichroic glass fused to 1500 degrees to create this pendant, which is elegantly set on a 2 mm distressed brown leather. If you prefer a different style, we also offer black leather and stainless bail with stainless steel.
Size: 0.6x 1.5 inches necklace. We offer three options: bail only, bail with chains in different sizes, and a 2mm leather cord. weight: 2 oz ** The 0 inch in the necklace list is stainless steel bail only 1 ** one more option for 28$ is 2mm distressed Brown leather. If you like a different pendant size, please contact us. The sign is printed on the hunter, wrecker, tech, echo, and crosshair equipment.

We offer 8$ engraving a name on the back of the pendant. Thanks Gil and Irena