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Aries Zodiac Necklace Astrology Jewelry Fused Dichroic Glass Pendant

Aries Birth Sign Graceful Astrology Sign Necklace, ZulaSurfing Handmade Round Pendant Fused Dichroic Glass. Aries Element Of Fire. from march 21 to April 19. represent Courageous, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate, determined, confident.

Available in Blue and Silver Dichroic Glass colors.


Pendant size: 7/8" round 

Pendant weight: 7 grams.

Necklace: Leather cord is 1.5 mm black color.

Necklace: adjustable 16" to 24" long.

********** What is Dichroic Glass? **********

Dichroic glass is a high-tech spin-off of glass used in the space industry. The extraordinary brilliance of Dichroic glass can only be experienced firsthand. The colors are very vivid, metallic, and change according to the angle they are viewed from. All pendants are fused, and The glass is then annealed and slowly cooled for strength and durability. 

Thank you

Gil and Irena