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Octopus Tentacle Ring Double Wrapped: Yellow Brass

Double octopus tentacle ring is made of a real octopus tentacle

This item is available in:

The ring is an open shank design which can be adjusted to fit most sizes. The tentacle is high polished and antiqued to bring out the beautiful detail of the suction cups.

Ring Size :adjustable( i can size based on what you choose when ordering)
Ring weight is about 21 grams.
Made of recycled metal cast in new jersey.

Care instructions:
Brass as most metals can and will tarnish or rust. Brass tarnishes based on each persons chemistry. if your body chemistry makes metals tarnish fast a good trick is to laquer the inside of the ring with any clear nail polish which will prevent it from tarnishing and turning your finger green. Silver will also tarnish over time and if it gets too dark for your liking you can run a polishing cloth over it to remove some of the blackening.  Gold can also tarnish and dull and a polishing cloth will work the same way as in the silver ring.

silver grey