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E - Initial letter Necklace Old English Font Gold color Fused Dichroic Glass on Stainless Steel base

We are excited to introduce our exquisite E Initial Letter Necklace, which has been meticuNecklaceandcrafted in our Florida-based studio. This stunning piece of initial jewelry showcases the timeless allure of the old English font (as close as possible). It has been carefully crafted from fused dichroic glass in a captivating gold hue.

To enhance its elegant appeal, we have designed a sturdy stainless steel bail with a slightly larger base, adding a touch of minimalist sophistication to the Necklace. Each element of this accessory has been lovingly put together to ensure a truly remarkable and unique piece of wearable art.

Fused dichroic glass is popular for creating unique, eye-catching jewelry and art pieces. When treated glass is heated and fused together, it forms a mesmerizing and vibrant surface, displaying a stunning array of colors that shift and change depending on the angle of light. Fused dichroic glass has been treated with multiple micro-layers of metallic oxides or quartz crystals through a specialized process known as vapor deposition. This treatment creates a glass with fascinating optical properties capable of simultaneously reflecting and transmitting different colors of light.

We have been working with image transfer on dichroic glass for the past ten years and have many handmade silhouettes. All our pendants are made in our smoke-free studio in Florida. The glass is fused, annealed, and slowly cooled for strength and durability. After cooling and depending on how the piece results, it may require being shaped and trimmed, then put back in the kiln and "fire-polished" to a smooth finish.

Please note that the photo is only a representation due to the variances in photography and the fact that dichroic glass is most difficult to photograph as a result of the change of colors from various perspectives. We take pride in all our jewelry is handmade in a smoke-free home and comes in a gift box for gift-giving and for security in shipping.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Thank you for visiting our store.

Best regards,
Gil and Irena Tsafrir
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