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Men's Cross Necklace, rustic mens Jewelry, Mens Leather Necklace, Cross Pendant, Christian Necklace

men's Necklace Surfer Cross Pewter necklace comes with Abercrombie and fiche style 2mm Brown Leather Cord.
You can request a black Leather cord instead. The Cross Made of Pewter Cast in New york city. Keep local jobs with the best quality Made in the USA.

* you can choose between. leather cord with an adjustable knot or bead closer, see photos. * Sterling silver and stainless steel Necklace are available. please ask for a price. * This cross is available in 925 Sterling Silver please ask for a price.

* Size: 1 1/4" x 1" approx size. * Necklace: Brown leather cord with wood closure lock. * Material: pewter. * Weight: 5 grams approx. ( This pendant is on the light side, need a week or 2 for the leather to soften)

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