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Om Pendant Fused glass with a Bezel

The Om necklace design, made out of the blue color dichroic glass with a stainless steel bezel, not only represents a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry but also holds deep spiritual significance. The blue dichroic glass, which is known for its unique optical properties, serves as a visual representation of the "Om" sound and its connection to the universe and ultimate reality. The stainless steel bezel, cut using a water jet cutting process, adds durability and precision to the design, representing the clarity and focus that is achieved through the practice of reciting "Om" in meditation and yoga.

Wearing the Om necklace can be a constant reminder of the pursuit of inner peace, self-awareness, and the ultimate realization or enlightenment deeply rooted in Indian spiritual traditions.

It's a jewelry and a symbol of one's spiritual journey.

The pendant is about 1 inch x 1 inch 

the necklace is a stainless steel box chain

the weight is 9 grams

***The photo is only a representation given the variances in photography and the fact that Dichroic glass is most challenging to photograph due to the change of colors from various perspectives.

All jewelry comes in an elegant gift box.


Gil and Irena