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Pisces Zodiac pendant necklace | Dichroic Glass

Design by Zulasurfing, Pisces Zodiac Astrology Necklace This Amazing Pendant is a Fused Dichroic Glass Layer etched with the zodiac symbol and fused with Clear glass on top, hand-carved to its round shape. A strong and durable timeless piece of art, we carry this pendant in blue and silver dichroic glass colors other colors available too.

Size: 1 1/16" round (approx)

weight: 0.7 oz (Approx)

Necklace: leather 16" to 24" adjustable system

**Dichroic glass is a high-tech spin-off of glass used in the space industry. The amazing brilliance of Dichroic glass can only be experienced firsthand. The colors are very vivid, metallic, and change according to the angle they are viewed from. The photo is only a representation given the variances in photography and the fact that Dichroic glass is most difficult to photograph due to the change of colors from various perspectives.

silver color
blue color
Gold color